Terms and Conditions

License Types

Single User : This license allows the use of a report only by one person, i.e. single individual. If more than one person is required to access the report, customer must upgrade to a ‘Multi-User License’ or a ‘Corporate License’ by obtaining such a subscription and paying the price difference.

Multi-user License : This license allows the use of the report by all personnel in a business unit at a location.

Corporate License : This license allows customer access for unlimited users within the same organization.

Hard Copy : This license provides printed hard copy of the report and It does not include an electronic copy of the report.

Delivery Terms

In case you made an on-line payment for purchase of report, the reports are delivered to customer by email within a day of receipt of payment. However, in case of physical delivery of the print copy of the report, we will courier the report within 3 working days from the date of the receipt of payment.


Customer shall be entitled to receive a certain level of free customisation within the purchased report for their specific request concerning the markets or industry verticals mentioned within the report. However, with complexity of customer requests, delivery time estimate is strictly judged by our research analyst and can have a final say for the same. We, at Innoventic Research and Business shall ensure that the specific market intelligence, as per your request, are included in our reports.

Cancellation and Refunds

Please review the published reports with table of contents and/or sample reports available before putting your order. Due to the confidential nature of the data contained in our research reports, cancellation of orders can not be accepted once the report has been delivered.

For any questions about these Terms of Sale, please contact us at  sales@innoventicresearch.com