What we do

As one of the leading research and advisory company we provide powerful insights by keeping tab on market events and various technology domains such as 3D printing, AI, machine learning, IoT, Robotics, cybersecurity, cloud and other emerging technologies that help companies in making informed decision in future.


Getting the idea and imagining the possibilities is the easy part, but you may not be sure if strategy will work or to advance into new market you may like to ensure your product or service can continue to serve clients, or you may like to gain foresight with market intelligence.

Enterprises being willing to find out through the research and include research efforts to leverage information with analysis to either go ahead with idea, refine it or re-developing strategies.

Market research and analysing business data when undertaken acts as a guiding force in the development of products and services aligned with market trends also helps in making informed decision for competitive advantage.

Our market research involves systematic gathering and interpretation of information using statistical and analytical methods to develop insights which enable business leaders and executives in fact based management-related decision-making capabilities.

We are a leading provider of full-service market research, specialized in both primary and secondary research, bring profound solutions for qualitative and quantitative research requirements and reporting.


Today, world is witnessing explosion in data and organisations have challenge addressing structured, semi- structured and unstructured data across internal business systems and external sources like social media, market data and others. An analytics provides opportunity to create insights by giving relevant information to management for making decision.

However leveraging driven driven analytics, an organisation requires a combination of embedding analytics across the organization’s core processes and disseminating analytics capabilities across business in order to give scalability to data-based decision making.

IRB Analytics delivers innovative and insightful analytics solutions to help clients make informed decision. Our solutions help clients to make actionable decisions to improve their business related operations, enhance performance, manage the organizational risks, make right change to achieve their strategic goals. We provide a simple-to-complex analytics services from data management to advisory services.

Based on adoption of analytics, organisations are at varied maturity levels in their analytics journey.

Our Offering(s)

 Forecasts and Data

Analysis, leading indicators and forecasts.

 Economic Impact.

Effectively studying the economic contribution of technology and investment.

 Data Management.

Data collection, Data processing/analysis, Publishing, Access and Verification.

 Market Reports.

Syndicate reports and custom reports.

 Thought Leadership.

Innovative ideas, expert view to give our clients an edge to their business.

 Data Analytics.

Data Quality & Integration, Descriptive & Predictive Analytics, Dashboard & Reporting.

 Reengineer Process.

Gap analysis, implementation, build automated process to provide analytics.

 Innovative Technology.

Analytics technology solution for discovery, evaluation and deployment.

 Advisory Analytics.

Analytics strategy, Customer analytics, Performance Management strategy, Pricing, Transformational analytics.

Our Approach

The process of business research involves analyzing the collected primary and secondary source of information. We plan corporate workshops, create & deploy surveys to effectively studying factors and develop customised reports that helps companies in making informed decision in future

We leverage analytics that helps business effectively exploit business data, ensure respond quickly to opportunities to drive growth, enable business innovation and staying ahead of competition.

Our Differentiation

As one of the leading research and advisory company we not only provide powerful insights but also equip organisations in making the right change enabled by our business research solutions, data & analytics solutions, thought leadership, research reports, workshops that help companies making informed decision in future.

Our comprehensive experience into produce business intelligence, technologies, mega trends give leverage to our clients to drive growth, enable business innovation and staying ahead of competion.

Our team of creative researchers continuously track market trends & information and use robust methodology to collate information from primary and secondary research along with high-quality analysis from domain experts and industry leaders that ensures our clients to respond quickly to opportunities and advance being early market entrants